Complete Cashback and Extra Cashback Christmas Guide 2020

What is cashback

It is the first measure of the government's plan to incentivize the use of electronic payments: from 8 to 31 December with at least 10 card payments there is a refund of 10% up to 150 euros in a single month. To activate the cashback, you will need to register, starting from December 8, on the IO app, using Spid or electronic ID card

How does that work

CashbackCashback, starting January 1, 2021, results in a 10% refund on the amount of purchases made with cards or payment apps in shops, bars and restaurants, supermarkets and large retailers or for artisans and professionals.
Online purchases do not compete.
There is no minimum amount of expenditure and you can get refunds of up to 300 euros per year. Every 6 months, if you make a minimum of 50 payments you receive 10% of the amount spent, up to a maximum of 150 euros of total refund per o. The maximum refund per single transaction is 15 Euros.

Extra Christmas cashback

With the extra Christmas cashback, from 8 to 31 December you need 10 purchases with credit cards, debit cards, ATMs and satispay to have 10% refund, up to a maximum of 150 euros that will be credited in the first months of 2021.

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Who can get it

Anyone over the age of 18 who resides in Italy can obtain it; in the family every adult member can participate and refunds can be accumulated.

What it takes to participate

To participate you must have SPID or electronic identity card (CIE). 

If you need to know how to apply for the SPID I have issued a complete guide here, which I will summarize below.

How to apply for SPID


  • an email address
  • the mobile phone number you normally use
  • a valid identity document (one between: identity card, passport, driver's license)*
  • your health card with the tax code*

IF YOU RESIDE ABROADbadge worldeu badge

(if you reside abroad you cannot request cashback)

  • an email address
  • the mobile phone number you normally use
  • a valid Italian identity document (one between: identity card, passport, driver's license)*
  • your tax code card

The card of the health card or tax code are additional elements to support the process of identity verification that contribute to counteracting, thanks to the verification of their authenticity on national non-public databases, identity theft..

What you need to do to get the SPID

SpidChoose one of the identity providers and register on their site.
Registration consists of 3 steps:

  1. Enter personal data
  2. Create your SPID credentials
  3. Make the recognition of your choice between: in person, online or via CIE, CNS or digital signature.

The time taken to release the digital identity depends on the individual Identity Providers.

Alternatively, you can go to one of the public administrations that can carry out the procedures to identify you, for the subsequent release of SPID (feature active from October 15, 2020).

What you need to enter when registering for cashback

When registering for Cashback, you must enter:

  • The identification details of one or more credit cards, debit cards, P
    agoBancomat or activate the Cashback on your Satispay account. From Janua
    ry it will also be possible to enter Pay ATM accounts and, to follow, App
    lePay, Google Pay and also other types of cards and apps that will join the initiative.
  • The IBAN code of the account on which you want to receive refunds.

All purchases in shops, bars and restaurants, supermarkets and large retailers or for artisans and professionals are valid except for:

  • Purchases made online (e.g. e-commerce);
  • The purchases necessary for the performance of entrepreneurial, professional or craft activities;
  • Operations carried out at ATM counters (e.g. telephone top-ups);
  • SDD transfers for direct debits to a current account;
  • Transactions related to recurring payments, with card or bank account debit.

For citizens

When the Cashback Program starts, some merchants may NOT immediately have a card acceptance device and payment app that allows them to participate in the initiative. For this reason, before you make a payment at a store, you can check with the merchant.

For merchants, artisans and professionals

How to assure your customers that purchases of your goods and services are valid for Cashback?

If you are a merchant, merchant, craftsman or professional, to check if purchases made by your customers with electronic payment tools allow them to participate in the Cashback Program, contact the provider of card acceptance devices and payment apps and ask if they have joined.

How refunds are paid

You will receive cashback refunds with a transfer to the IBAN that you indicated at the time of registration or at a later time. To receive the Christmas Extra Cashback you must notify the IBAN by the end of D
ecember 2020.


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